MVA ASOCIADOS. Montalvo Villaseñor Abril

Our valuable specialization allows us to provide individual solutions for each type of infrastructure and public facility, and each specific project.

We collaborate with the Public Administration in order to maintain its investments and stabilize its debt, without cutting back its activity.

We support private operators in order to take advantage of current opportunities through formulas that combine reasonable performance with an adequate warranty system.

Basically, we are against standard-form solutions, and take into account all of the project’s components when providing our advice.

The transportation sector (mainly by road and railway) is facing a decisive transformation, a change of direction as regards the nature and identity of its operators and the way in which its activity is executed. Our vast and long-term experience in the energy sectors, which share the essential principles of the railway transport liberalization process, provides us with a broad perspective of the progress made and limitations existing in this path, enabling our clients to receive value-added advice.

In turn, our participation in enterprise consolidation processes and regulatory changes in legally complex and deeply regulated sectors, has allowed us to provide expert and dynamic advice in matters such as road transport.


For the public sector:
  • Interpretation of the deconsolidation parameters adopted by Eurostat to reduce deficit and debt
  • Risk transfer strategy
  • Transactions of the Public Administration and related entities
For the private sector:
  • Advice in the tendering of infrastructures and facilities, and the allocation of rights to use infrastructures at all stages
  • Special appeal in procurement matters
  • Appeals before the Contentious-Administrative Courts
  • Negotiations with the Public Administration
  • Advice in international matters, to particularly include Latin America

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