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Our specialists in Employment and Social Security Law offer advice on all type of matters related to this area of practice.

They regularly participate in the negotiation, drafting and termination of employment contracts; they have broad experience in collective negotiation and company restructuring (contractual suspension, collective dismissals, changes in working conditions, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.); they intervene in litigation conducted before the Labour Courts, Labour Chambers of the High Courts of Justice, the Spanish National Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court; and they offer advice on remuneration, pensions and social benefits.


Para el sector público
  • Labour Relations Policy Strategy, an essential part of current Human Resources policies
  • Collective negotiation: defining the most adequate negotiation units, criteria and development of a negotiating process; negotiated contents and management of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, defining the procedures used to channel any potential disputes that may arise in application and interpretation matters. Devices for Collective Bargaining Agreement inapplicability and opt-out
  • Procedure to respond to changes in the market, demand and the need for activity readjustment. Formulas belonging to the “ordinary” exercise of an employer’s managing powers. Studying strategies for functional and geographical mobility, and changes in contractual conditions, of an individual or collective nature
  • Contractual novation. Negotiated conversion into a provisional or final contract, of ordinary working day contracts into part-time employment contracts. Labour difficulties during productive decentralization and M&A. Procedures to remove contracts; individual and collective dismissals
  • Sanctioning procedures. Advice in the processing and appeals brought before the Labour Inspectorate and Employment Authorities. Hiring of senior executive staff. Contractual novation. Remuneration and pensions
  • Social Security. Complementary benefits: pension plans and funds
  • Employment contracts of artists and players
  • Advice for freelance workers and TRADES
  • Working papers for foreigners and Spanish executives and workers abroad
  • Claims, measures and appeals before the employment and contentious-administrative courts
  • Steps taken with the labour administration, both of a state and autonomous nature

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